Montenegro Architects - Founder member to the Montenegro Green Building Council

Montenegro Green Building Council

Prepared by the Initiating Group currently in the process of forming a GBC for Montenegro

What is a Green Building Council?

  • An independent business-orientated NGO representing firms and agencies involved in the development and construction of buildings.
  • It is industry-led, but is not controlled by any one industry group, company or individual.
  • It promotes the adoption of sustainable property development based on sound environmental and economic principles.
  • It provides an accreditation system for buildings which allows comparison with other buildings.
  • It raises public awareness about the impact buildings have on greenhouse gas emissions which can affect us and future generations.
  • The WGBC was established in November 2002 and has rapidly become the most supported sustainable building umbrella association and has been adopted by 35 major governments including Croatia.

Why do we need one?

  • Future environmentally sound practices for property development and maintenance.
  • Influencing and moving forward EU and world requirements and to satisfy client demand that buildings fulfil such conditions.
  • Create a forum for enabling cooperation between industry, associated professions and government in Montenegro.
  • To provide a method of encouraging “good practice” standards in the industry through knowledge transfer.

Who can join?

  • Architects, engineers, investors, financiers, product manufacturers, cost consultants, energy suppliers, surveyors, developers, contractors, occupiers – Infact anyone involved in the process of planning, designing, constructing, maintaining and operating buildings.

The next step?

If you have been approached by a member of the initiating group then they will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.  Alternatively, feel free to contact its Chairman, James Collins on

In the meantime, the initiating group is keen to gauge the level of knowledge and interest in a green building council for Montenegro. To this end they are currently conducting a survey and would be most grateful if you could spare the time to complete it via our on-line form.