Tourism & Cost of Living

Montenegro ranks as one of the lowest paid areas within greater Europe. However, in high-season Montenegro holiday costs are on a par with nearby locations such as Croatia to the north and Greece to the south. Compared to southern Italy (i.e. Bari vs Kotor), Montenegro accommodation costs around 80% on a like for like basis.

Accommodation is always the largest single expense for holidays, and it is no different in Montenegro.  It pays to book early if you want the bargains, in fact, during the high season; it pays to book early if you want accommodation!

Accommodation ranges from hostels through small hotel/guest-houses to large hotels.  The table below provides a guide to average prices, but we cannot stress enough the need to book early to ensure you get the accommodation that matches your needs, location choice and budget.

As with most holiday locations, hotels on the coast of Montenegro are more expensive than those away from the coast.  There are a few package/budget hotels, but they are still the exception as opposed to the norm. The Montenegrin government is progressing with reforms and traveller confidence is returning, so things are improving fast.

Self catering apartments are probably the most plentiful forms of accommodation in many of the coastal locations. At the low end of the market these are typically let according to the number of beds, similar to Ibiza in the 1980's – the idea being to pack as many bodies in as possible! 

The middle end of the apartment market is better appointed and located, usually with good sized balcony, furnished with kitchen/dinner and living room. At the upper end of the market you can expect a luxury apartment or villa.  However, many do not have pools as they tend to be so close to the sea.  The locals here seem bemused at the idea of using a chlorinated pool when you could use one of the cleanest seas in the world!

If linen is not included with an apartment we can arrange it. We can also stock the fridge, cupboards and bottle store: although this will be with local equivalent goods as many UK brands simply do not exist here.  For more information check with our associate company “Total Group Real Estate”