Things to watch out for

Most people visit Montenegro and have no problems whatsoever. However, all places in the world have little nuances that it pays the traveller to be aware of. The following is a guide to those that can apply in Montenegro:


It is advisable to keep identification papers with you at all times. Acceptable forms of identity include passport and/or international drivers license.

If you are driving in Montenegro you will be required to produce the following documents if stopped at road checks (which are frequent):

  1. Valid Divers License (i.e. International).
  2. Valid Insurance (requires local cover-note as Montenegro does not have reciprocal agreements with western insurance companies).
  3. Proof of Vehicle Ownership (i.e. registration document).
  4. Proof of Hire (i.e. Hire-car contract).

Failure to present all these documents can result in delays. Your attitude toward the police will make a big difference.

If you plan to take up long-term or permanent residence you MUST REGISTER with the local police and if British, the Embassy in the Capital Podgorica. For details on registration procedures and documents, please contact us.


Power cuts and water cuts are common; it is worth noting and planning for these events (i.e. Keep bottles of tap water in the bathroom for teeth cleaning and quick wash, keep bottled spring water in the fridge for drinking. Keep a torch & candles somewhere where they can be easily located in the dark.).

Water quality

Generally very good. However, during the holiday season water shortages can affect quality and the locals will often stop taking ice in drinks. To be 100% sure, drink bottled spring water and avoid ice in drinks.

Food hygiene

Generally extremely good. However, when in doubt simply ask the waiter/waitress. Remember, meat and poultry cuts are very different and this can confuse the unwary.


Is on the right, and most of the roads cross mountain routes, are windy and narrow in places and require maintenance. Some local drivers, especially young, can be a bit reckless. Montenegro accepts “Green Card” EU insurance which is normally issued for a maximum of 3 months. Local insurance is required for longer stays but is the basic third party cover only. Drive slow – drive safe. Note Identity requirements above.