Meet The Team who will fulfill your dreams

Robin Gellately-Smith - Manager Architecture and Projects

Robin is the founder of the firm and brings into play his experience as a building surveyor and architect and offers a diverse background, including design and on site project management. Robin’s true passion comes from seeing development potential in his clients' projects.

Robin draws on skills from various jobs in the UK construction industry including property development, managing building companies and founder of a London based surveying practice, Burlington Surveyors. With membership of the Architects & Surveyors Institute, Institute of Building and Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors Robin brings to the practice an understanding of Western European client’s needs and standards in construction.

Robin handles and manages architectural design, detailed drawings, bills of quantities, tender documents and on site project management. Contact Robin on +382 (0) 69 444 895 E:

Ana Sibinovic - Interior Designer and Small Works Manager

Ana has a background in architecture and trained at the architectural faculty in Nis, Serbia. She is responsible for the day to day management of small works projects and has won acclaim for taste in interior design and decoration.

Ana pays attention to the very smallest of detail including choosing and placement of furniture. When builders think they have finished their contract, Ana will go and inspect.  One builder was quoted as saying “I have just been shown mistakes in my work I never even seen. The list was so long I really wanted to cry”

Ana has a strong personality and is very confident having both a good design sense and eye for detail. She is able to command respect from builders having a good technical background. She is one of those rare individuals who is very technically inclined, but does not fall short when it comes to human relations.  Contact Ana on  +382 (0) 68 56 86 26 E:

Goran Racic - Civil Engineer Architectural Services

Goran was educated at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Podgorica, Montenegro and has a degree in civil engineering. His responsibilities include overseeing a team of designers and engineers and all facets of “on site” development, upgrade, and reconstruction of buildings.  Goran is also our lead ArchiCAD expert. With over 5 years experience in the civil engineering arena, Goran combines his computer abilities and project management skills to understand our clients' needs and the importance of site structure and usability. His ultimate objective is to design, develop, project manage and deliver a building that you'll be excited about today - and tomorrow.

Goran can be reached at:

Ljiljana (Lily) Gellately-Smith ' CEO and Founder of Associate Company “Total Group d.o.o.”

Lily’s vision and leadership are a guiding force in the constant growth, development and innovation of Total Group Real Estate. Blessed with an uncanny knack for spotting trends, hidden revenue outlets, and under-utilised assets.

While some of her "polish" was gained through her economic background, it was when Lily abandoned this traditional path and started her own business, that her ability to orchestrate business growth and piece together strategic relationships came to the forefront.  Although young in years Lily’s experience in economics and marketing now brings her body of knowledge to this business.

In the words of one of her clients -- "Lily’s mind is completely oriented to results and to crafting present ideas into a much larger vision than we could ever see on the surface. Anyone who works with this brilliant young woman and her company will not only prosper, but will be better for knowing her."

Lily’s interests include Nutrition, Sociology, Photography,
personal development, and most of all, forming mutually beneficial and enriching relationships. Email her at:

Nikola Milosavljevic - Technical Assistant

Nikola was educated at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Novi Sad, Serbia and now trained in the latest ArchiCAD programme is a complimentary assistant to Goran.  Since working with the Practice Nikola has found a new niche market in 3D graphic presentation and he supervises a team of graphic designers based in Serbia. Nikola now arranges “off Plan” sales brochures for clients to a high professional standard.

These skills combined with his personal values, will enable Nikola to manage Clients Architectural projects and see that our services are assisting our Clients in the achievement of their development objectives. Nikola can be contacted on:

Hranislav Sibinovic

Hranislav originally trained in Serbia as a site foreman and later moved to America where he gained experience in western small site project management and sustainable building techniques. Returning to Montenegro to be with his family meant we were lucky to have him on the team.

He seems to have untapped and boundless energy and can never stay still for long. If you want a job done quickly and at any time of the day and night then Hranislav is your man. Hranislav can be contacted via the office via Ana’s e-mail:

Dragan Rajic – Clerk of Works

Dragan used to run his own building company in Serbia and since a heart attack has had to cut down on physical work. In a way this is good news for us because not only is he knowledgeable in construction methods and technology, he is tough and will not stand for shoddy or inferior work.

He has a hidden charm that appears on the rare occasions he is satisfied with a builders work. Sometimes the architects and designers in the office have to face up to Dragan’s practical experience when trying out a new idea or technique. Dragan can be contacted via the office via Ana’s e-mail: