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As experts in the field of buying and selling property in Montenegro we have accumulated a wealth of information and experience in the field. We have listed some frequently asked questions below. If these do not answer your questions then you can view or download our free comprehensive guide to buying property in Montenegro. Just scroll down to the attachments link at the bottom of this page.

Sellers may take everything when they leave - even if they are bolted down.

Who can own property in Montenegro?

Foreign ownership of property in Montenegro is applicable to those nationals whose countries permit ownership of property by Montenegrin nationals. This applies to European countries, Russia and the United States of America. Countries that do not permit Montenegrin nationals to buy or own property in their countries will not be permitted to own property in their own name in Montenegro.

Is purchasing property an easy process in Montenegro?

Buying real estate property, in Montenegro is simplicity itself providing the willing seller and buyer have all the correct documents and finance available. The legal process could be done in one day and applies to both local and foreign investors.

Get the support of a survey rather than end up supporting yourself.

Are there restrictions on what foreign investors can purchase?

At the time of publication (June 2010) foreign investors can buy land and buildings in their own name. They may buy apartments, houses or villas and land with no restrictions on size and area.

Foreign Investors cannot buy land designated as woods or forests or in areas defined as National Parks. Land available for purchase by foreign investors in their own name can be within or outside urbanised areas. Only land within urbanised areas can be developed with buildings.

Any old ruin is a monument so check what you can do.

What if the property is owned by the Montenegro government?

Government owned property/land is now more increasingly being offered for private sale by public tender. These include state owned land suitable for development included in the “master plan”, farming and industry; former military bases and hotels and businesses in the tourism sector. The tender procedure is very specific and success does not always depend on the highest bidder. The business plan, employment and proposed development scheme are some of the criteria that would be taken in overall consideration of the bid.

Steve Boyton-Jennings,
25 Oct 2010, 00:15