People that know property

The complete property service

Robin Gellately-Smith founder and lead Architect provides practical experience from a Building Surveying background combined with a unique concept in creative design within the principals of “Divine Proportions”.

A property in one of the worlds most beautiful ecological countries

As an alternative to Western Europe, Eastern Europe can offer a wide range of benefits and Montenegro in particular has a special charm and culture not widely known about.

The practice, education and experience

We have been serving clients since 2004. Our team of professionals are educated, current and up to date on all aspects of property related trading service, marketing and the law. We take pride in the high quality of our service and the results we deliver. 


Our professional service and advice is ethical and meets the approved standard of The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). We do not participate in any questionable, or doubtful practices, or offer advice that could damage future success for your property requirements.

Why we are different: The cutting edge

We operate by a code of ethics and integrity. We provide solutions to our clients that are focused on their best interests. For instance, we do not give “off the cuff” costings which give very little detail and inspire the client with a great profitable deal, then only to find in the end it costs much more. 

We are very aware of what clients see as deceptive and what's acceptable. And we will never cross the line and put your project at risk. 

Many developer companies are run by people who have very little experience of Montenegro and its ways of doing things. They may be great at what they do, but they lack a strong foundation of planning, local building regulations and construction law in Montenegro.

We're different. The success we help achieve with our clients is attributed to a strong background of local working knowledge and Municipality contacts. We help our clients apply the most effective marketing systems and techniques to boost sales of “Off Plan” developments. 

Robin Gellately-Smith says, "we pride ourselves in offering the best advise for clients requirements, even if it means we lose a project because of it. I know a client will come back because they get straight answers and no “fancy talk” of what the client wants to hear".