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You Need a Property consultant in Montenegro

posted 8 Feb 2011, 04:59 by Unknown user

As such we offer a wide range of advice based on local knowledge and international expectations and standards. Our Property consultant in Montenegro has been involved in many property related transactions and has experience in all measures including raising finance, maximizing potential, working with design briefs, valuations, planning matters and many other elements that go into the decision making.

Montenegro is fast changing since independence in 2006 and is hopeful of being accepted in the next wave of accession countries in the EU. As such the government has indicated “fast track” changes in legislation in compliance with EU legislation and planning. This means our Property Consultant must be aware of any future or likely changes in order to advise clients on medium to long term outcomes.

Our Property Consultant in Montenegro monitors carefully existing property development and keeps an eye out for future large scale projects that may affect future demand for sector investments. This means our advice to clients is mostly based on future expectations given the long time scale for most commercial and domestic sector projects. All recent development in Montenegro has happened since 2004 and that in itself sets the need for some careful analysing of the state of the property market to separate “hype” from reality.