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The bureaucracy of planning in Montenegro

posted 2 May 2011, 23:30 by Unknown user
For any worthwhile property development project there needs to be proper planning permission. The obvious and essential reason is an illegal building has no worth and cannot be legally used or sold. The Planning Expert in Montenegro has to know the planning laws and to present the clients wishes in the best possible way to maximize the potential and at the same time complying with the detailed urban plan of the locality.

Local knowledge relies on information that will allow a suitable argument for style, design, area of build and compliance with amenities. It is no good designing a five story block with a swimming pool on the roof if the local criteria consist of two stories and high attic with a Mediterranean pitched tiled roof. Planning experts in Montenegro also have to be respected in the local planning office; and respect means knowledge of the laws, agree to the rules and be representative of the clients and local interest.

Our Planning experts in Montenegro are local and trained in urban planning law. Every year there are new urban plans being created as the country is largely untouched with large areas of natural space. Foreign investment is virtually the only means of development and they try to dictate the maximum possible for the least cost. Our Planning expert has to balance the desires of both parties and to be within acceptable limits of the planning laws.