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posted 24 Jan 2011, 01:48 by Unknown user

Project management in Montenegro

To promote our project management service we need to understand what level of management we are talking about. Virtually anyone can say they are a buildings project manager just by being responsible for ordering some bathroom and kitchen equipment. We need to be clear we offer construction Project Management in Montenegro.

For this service we are normally get involved at the tendering stage and analyse the different builders offer. The recommended builder will depend not only on price but time for completion. Variants in pricing occur when the builder chooses a method of construction and can make savings in that respect. It is therefore necessary to agree a programme of works as this will affect any supplies and sub-contract elements being provided by the client. Contractual claims often occur when the clients own contribution to the project causes delay.

Onsite inspections vary in intensity and frequency depending on how big the project is. In any event Project Management in Montenegro requires compliance with statutory building regulations such as testing crushing strengths of concrete and tensile testing of steel reinforcement. All these are normal practices that is required within the scope of Project Management in Montenegro