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Montenegro Architects stress importance of sympathetic design

posted 10 Dec 2010, 07:36 by Unknown user

Montenegro Architects are dealing with all aspects of design and construction from old stone houses to contemporary modern buildings. "The scope of our business brings considers the landscape, olive trees and fruit groves within a mountainous region and depicts special cases for Architects in Montenegro to specialize in all practical matters of access and hill slopes. The clear message here is for Architects to consider the Montenegro landscape and local materials available for construction. Foreign clients have their ideas of what they consider appropriate but the question is “how does that fit in with the local landscape and climate?

The spread of territory (the size of Wales in the UK) is varied and ranges from a sublime sea coast with sandy beaches to a snow capped mountain vista with skiing resorts all within a matter of two hours driving from one to the other. An Architect in Montenegro must work with what the planning constraints are and that will depend on how seriously the government of Montenegro will consider the impact of sustainable tourism. It is crucial that Montenegro does not follow the path of countries such as Spain who through corruption allowed over development which impacted on tourism. The Architect in Montenegro must take account of all aspects of development as well as the client’s interests