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Is Water the Last Resort

posted 5 Apr 2011, 06:55 by Unknown user

Water is becoming a rare commodity around the world and even today to buy milk is cheaper than the equivalent bottle of water. The future prospect of wars being fought over the limited water supply most countries are experiencing is a sobering thought. Montenegro has an abundant supply of water from its varied six rivers, 35 lakes and Lake Skadar the largest inland lake in Eastern Europe.

Water engineers in Montenegro are needed because the abundant supply of water is mostly in the wrong place. Where it is needed most is in the coastal and popular tourism areas and that is where we need new infrastructure to bring the supply, especially in the dry summer months.

Remote, and now becoming popular areas for private development, have no mains water supplies at all and rely on harvested rainwater and wells. This is when Water Engineers in Montenegro are needed to design not only a workable system and recycled grey waste water but size of reservoir needed to serve the demand. By calculation of the annual rainfall and site investigation of underground aquifers water Engineers in Montenegro can calculate the size of reservoir capacity to suit the needs of the occupants during the three months of summer when there is hardly any rainfall at all.