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Interior design in Montenegro –

posted 10 Feb 2012, 02:27 by Unknown user

With the widespread use of computer graphics, ArchiCAD and AutoCAD computer drawing programmes the interior designer has come into his own. For all the time saving abilities of the these computer programmes and the year by year improvements and capabilities there comes a point where the extended benefits such as rendering designs down to the last details of furnishings, lighting and colours has become the norm. The Interior designer has to first to consider all aspects of design to give to the graphics designer who will then render them in 3D picture format

Whereas before the modern computer technology the Interior designer would prepare a product design panel to include matching or enhancing tile, wood, wall colour and fabrics, now it has to be presented as a list of available products listed in the computer programme. The work of the Interior designer has changed as with most of the profession but that workload has increased as the investors or clients demand the best and realistic pictures to present for their marketing.

Interestingly, in Montenegro over the last five years what was a limited supply of interior products, services and utilities has blossomed out into a major business with new shops and suppliers sprouting up every month. This is due to the sudden and massive increase in property development and building by foreign investors creating a demand for more European style design and interiors.