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Eco Small Scale biological Sewage Treatment in Montenegro

posted 28 Mar 2011, 01:26 by Unknown user

The traditional way of dealing with sewage and grey water waste is to dig a hole and create a concrete tank that either needs to be emptied when full in sensitive and coastal areas, or drained into a soak-a-way in non sensitive areas. The fact is that in sensitive areas most property owners just make a hole in the tank and allow untreated sewage and grey water waste to disperse into land, rivers, lakes and sea. This cause’s land and sea contamination affecting the health of the people and users of the tourism amenities.

The need for a primary municipality system is an obvious way forward but this cannot cope with conurbations a distance away from the primary service or for small remote villages and properties. This is where a need for Biological Sewage systems in Montenegro would be complimentary to any large municipality primary system. The reasons for Biological systems are obvious and ecologically necessary.

Without the necessary legislation at both government and municipality level it will be hard to persuade the profit seeking developer to pay more for a biological system in preference to the legal ubiquitous concrete tank in the ground. Putting forth the ecological argument alone is not enough even though there is a strong and growing green eco minded investor who would welcome the initiative. But without a concerted effort to make others comply his ethics are frustrated by the little effect he alone would make, especially at his own cost.