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A Swimming pool is a must if you want to rent your property

posted 2 Mar 2011, 02:37 by Unknown user

Swimming pools in Montenegro have become the most popular and visible property utility commodity. As little as five years ago in a flight over Montenegro you would have been hard put to see a swimming pool from the air. Now, especially along the coast, swimming pools have become a regular feature and hardly an “off plan” development exists without a swimming pool included as part of the amenities.

Swimming pools in Montenegro vary in design, shape and features as do those in most other developed countries. But here we are different because no other swimming pool in Montenegro features biological and natural filtration. Our pools can look like a natural pond in a landscaped garden and yet offer all the benefits of a clean water swimming experience. Most of our clients who want a swimming pool are sold on the idea of chemical free filtration and a pool that fits well in a natural surrounding.

Swimming pools in Montenegro are expensive to construct and maintain and require a detailed construction license to comply with regulations. We have all the technical expertise including structural, water and electrical engineers and with our new Gunite structure process and marble plaster finish doing away with tiles we can offer a less expensive pool by cubic metre comparison. Our imported special sand and activated carbon filter system is easier and cheaper to maintain and of coarse there is no chlorine additives.